An unofficial page for OLD CHELTONIANS past and present

(former pupils of Cheltenham College, Bath Road, Cheltenham,Gloucestershire, England, UK)

Cricketon College ground with the Chapelin the background.

To start us off on the right note ;-) here are two hymns frequently sung in the Chapel:

All Creatures of Our God and King (.midi soundfile)

Christ the Lord is Risen Today (.midi sound file)


Introductory Greeting
   To all Old Cheltonians (male and female !) who read this page: 
Please contact me if you would like your name added to - or removed 
from - the list of living O.C.s below (at no charge !) and spread 
the word of the existence of this page to the O.C. community 
 I have already notified Ian Carter, the College master who runs the Cheltenham College website, and the Cheltonian Society. In addition College has now been included in the UK Alumni Net. Look here !
This is an unofficial and informal web page created and administered by me on a voluntary basis intended to celebrate ("salute" may be a better word for a school with such a strong military tradition) a great school, and to promote contact between College and O.C.s throughout the world. I will try to ensure it is reasonably error-free and up-to-date, with your kind help.Let me know of O.C. gatherings and events if you would like me to publicise them on this page. However, it should be clearly understood that this page is intended to supplement (and encourage the development of) an official O.C. page rather than replace it.Finally if you have some more information which you feel belongs here I would urge you to tell me what you know, and I will (most probably ;-) put it on the web page.Floreat !
Ian RuxtonAssociate professor and O.C.Kyushu Institute of Technology,Tobata ward, Kitakyushu City,KyushuJapan4 February 1997

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College Chapel and Big Modern (library) from the Bath Road.

Article about Duncan Boyes O.C. who won a Victoria Cross in Japan in 1864. 

Changes to the Presidency and Executive Committee of theCheltonian Society

General Rose

Bruce Carnegie-Brown has stepped down from the Presidency inview of his posting to Japan. General Sir Michael Rose, KCB, CBE,DSO, QMG was nominated to succeed him. No further nominationswere received prior to the closing date of 10 August 1998, so hebecame the new President of the Society with effect from the dateof the A.G.M.

Other changes were approved at the A.G.M. at College onSaturday, 10 October 1998.


Date: Sun, 16 Aug 1998 16:18:01 -0400
From: "pat.waters" (
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Subject: OC news - Under 21 Rugby Team

Dear Mr. Ruxton,

Please can you publish details of thison your OC page.

I am organising an Under 21 OC rugbyteam to play in a large tournament at Roehampton Vale, London onthe 13th September. Anyone and Everyone is very welcome to comeand support. If you give my email address then people can ask mespecific questions. Also ,can you put a plea out to ask anyprospective players to come forward and contact me please.

Many thanks,


1, Morningside Close,


A new Headmaster was named on 31 March 1997. Mr PaulChamberlain, formerly head of St Bees School in Cumbria for nineyears, took up the appointment in September 1997. He is a sciencegraduate of Durham University, married with a son and a daughter.We wish him all the best in his new post !


O.C. Weekend: 8/9 November 1997.

Highlights included:

Saturday 8 November
11 am - The Annual General Meeting of the Cheltonian Society inThirlestaine Long Gallery, addressed by the new Headmaster
2.30 pm - 1st XV match v Rugby School

Sunday 9 November
10.50 am - Remembrance Day Service in Chapel
2.30 pm - Recital in TLG by College and OC musicians

O.C. London Committee -A Guided Tour of the Houses ofParliament: 24 April 1998 (followed by dinner, black tie, RSVPwith cheque to Anthony C. Marangos, MBA, MIMC, Suite 401, LanghamHouse, 302 Regent Street, London W1R 5 AL, Tel: 0171-580-6491)


The Cheltenham College website is here,
and the prospectus is here.Term dates are hereand the calendar for autumn 1997 is here.If you want to know (or have forgotten ;-)
how to get to College look here.Careers, Oxbridge and industrial links are here.

The OFFICIAL O.C. network is, or was, here

It was maintained and updated by
Jonathan Draper.

The Junior School Pages

The College motto is "Labor Omnia Vincit" (LabourConquers All).

Verdi's Requiem sung in the Town Hall in March 1998

Books about Cheltenham College

Cheltenham College - The First Hundred Years (1841-1941)by Michael Morgan (1968)A formal history, starting with the meeting on 9 November 1840 of Cheltenham residents (presided over by Major-General GeorgeSwiney) who decided to set up a 'Proprietary Grammar School' and appointed a committee to achieve this.

Then & Now - An Anniversary Celebration of CheltenhamCollege 1841-1991 by T.S. Pearce published by The CheltonianSociety (1991) ISBN 0 85967 875 X

The author explains in the Preface that this is "moreof
a scrap book than a formal history, and like all scrap books it
reflects the tastes and interests of its compilers and depends
on what in the way of pictures and documents may be available
to them".

Floreat A collection of photographs of College life fromthe 1960s and early 1970s

A list of almost 100 Old Cheltonians is@here.Deceased and living are listed separately, each in alphabeticalorder. But I have deliberately kept them all seamlessly on thesame page: once an O.C., always an O.C. !

A list of the 14 Old Cheltonians who have won the Victoria Cross with the citations for each of them@is here.

World AlumniNet

UKAlumni Net

Cheltenham College Alumni Registry (on UK Alumni Net)

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