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The Ruxton/Fitzherbert  coat of arms. "Jam Jam" means "Now Now" in Latin - an impatient lot we Ruxtons !? (It is also used by the Mainichi newspaper)

Braveheart theme (.midi sound file)


MATTERS HERALDIC - shields, crests and mottos.

·         RUXTON TARTANS - suitable tartans have now been registered - the first ever tartans for our family !

·         ORIGIN OF THE NAME - some theories.

·         THE RUXTON CAR - an automobile we can be proud of !

·         RUXTON ISLAND - in British Columbia, Canada (warning - quite large .jpegs on this page)

·         LANG LIST@- Sundry links to, and e-mails from, Ruxtons worldwide. The list is updated from the top, and getting longer all the time !

Scotland the Brave - a sound file in .mid format, playable by the Crescendo plug-in. You can open a new browser and have music while you surf ! (Merci a Donald Philippart for this link.)

A Londonderry Air is here.




FAMILY TREE(S) - Here you can download Paul Ruxton's family tree. Alison's tree is here. The Auchmacoy tree is here. The "Ruxton Fitzherbert Connection" tree is here. (Thank you, Paul, Alison, William and Mike ! Ed.) Incidentally, you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.

Craig Ruxtonfs family tree.

Also see here for various e-mails from Iain, Charlie, Alison and others.

(Mrs. Margaret Hart - nee Ruxton - of Paarl, Republic of South Africa is the daughter of Andrew Ruxton, a younger brother of my grandfather Charles. She has kindly sent me a letter which I have quoted from here Ed.)



Please click here for a 'Ruxton of Ellon' family history.

Ruxton Mill at Ruxton FarmCnear Hereford, England


Paul Ruxton of California and his brothers have a site called Ruxton Brothers@. . . craftsmen, artists, musicians, educators, thinking men, technologists, family men, brothers

A list of Ruxton e-mail addresses is here.

This page was made by Ian C. Ruxton, with some family details here.
Kyushu Institute of Technology
Kitakyushu, Japan
May 24, 1996



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